Buttock Surgery London

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Buttock Surgery

Incisions are created inconspicuously within the depression between the buttocks. It’s frequently performed together with a buttock lift. The process was created to fill the top quadrant of your own buttocks so the butt appears lifted and perky. The most important caution for the very first few weeks would be to prevent pressure on the buttocks.

As we get older, our buttocks start to droop and change shape. As we age, our buttocks and thighs may start to droop and sag as with other regions of the body, like the breasts and stomach. The fatty tissue within the buttock is generally preserved redistributed within the buttocks to enhance the shape. The procedure could lead to loss of volume within the buttocks.

For patients who don’t have sufficient body fat to reach a prosperous fat transfer, implants might actually be the only alternative for a permanent buttock augmentation. If excessive unwanted fat remains existing in the thigh area and cannot resolve alone, liposuction might be performed as another surgery several months before the thigh lift procedure to enhance the overall outcome of the thigh lift. We have to note that thigh lift surgery isn’t performed for fat loss reasons but instead to enhance the total contour of the human body. For outstanding results on a few people, outer thigh lift often can be put together with a lowly body lift and buttock lift.