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Hair Loss Surgery

Baldness after chemotherapy can result in hair loss on various sections of the body, for example, scalp, the face, the underarms, along with the pubic location. Loss of hair alongside noticeable fat loss might also be a sign of an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia. The individual must get adequate guidance about which high protein foods can and ought to eat and which supplements will help avoid hair loss.

This informative article supplies an extensive overview of current literature regarding hair loss in bariatric patients. Articles that addressed other reasons for hair loss, outside the region of nutrition, were excluded. Moreover, when there is rapid weight reduction, losing hair is not unusual. Even without weight reduction surgery, you lose a specified variety of hairs each and every day.

Hair loss can seriously impact the lives of people and can lead to anxiety, very low self-esteem, psychosocial difficulties, as well as depression. As a result, baldness can become a stress factor for this particular population. Furthermore, This may result in telogen effluvium, and it might be considerably likely in case you have a family history of baldness. Telogen effluvium can happen after any surgery, not merely weight loss surgery.